Statement of Purpose

Mission Statement

Claire Price Beauty Clinic is committed to the delivery of the highest standards of quality and services to its clients. Claire Price Beauty Clinic will ensure it is fit for purpose by offering the best products and treatments, valuing and empowering staff, delivering services in a pleasant and relaxed environment and ensuring that customer care is paramount.

Strategic Intent

To be the best and first choice provider of beauty treatments and products in Gwent.

  • Respect clients
  • Value and empowering staff
  • Delivery of quality
  • Pursuit of the highest standards

  • To ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Continued Professional Development (CPD) of staff.
  • Continued innovation and development of products and treatments offered.
  • To strive for continued improvement in all aspects of the business.
  • To develop and expand the business.

Name and Address of Clinic and Manager:

Claire Price Beauty Clinic
Beechcroft House
Hereford Road

Laser Protection Supervisor (LPS)

Miss Claire Price

Laser Protection Advisor (LPA)

Matthew Agar

Names and Qualifications of IPL Authorised Operators
1. Claire Price:
2. Lisa Norvill
3. Kimberley Morris
4. Kirstie Morgan
5. Amie Tranter
6. Laura Price
NVQ Level 3 and Master Diploma in Beauty Therapy
NVQ Level 3
NVQ Level 3
NVQ Level 3
NVQ Level 3
NVQ Level 3

Organisational Structure

The organisational structure is illustrated in appendix 1.

Range of Treatments:

Claire Price Beauty Clinic provides a range of beauty treatments including facials, massages and epilation treatments. An Intense Pulsed Light hair removal clinic is provided using the Yperion L900 IPL unit distributed by Capitalist Consulting Paris. Claire Price Beauty Clinic is licensed to provide the IPL clinic through its registration with the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales. The certificate is available for inspection together with previous inspection reports.

Client Consultation

Clients for hair removal treatments using IPL will receive a consultation on their first visit in order to assess their requirements and expectations of the outcome of the treatment. This will include assessment of skin and hair type. Any contra-indications, which suggest this treatment should not proceed will be evaluated at this stage. The outcome of the consultation will be fully discussed with the client and the agreed course of treatment will be recorded.

Complaints Procedure

The complaints procedure is attached as appendix 2.

Client Privacy

All client consultations and treatments shall remain confidential and not discussed with any third parties. Clients’ records shall remain confidential and kept in a secure place when not in use. Client treatments shall be carried out with due respect to the client’s right to privacy.

Confidentiality Statement

The principles of confidentiality must be applied to all aspects of its service and management. Clients have a right to confidentiality and to know that their personal information is handled appropriately with their personal confidences respected.

Appendix 1
Claire Price Beauty Clinic

Organisational Structure

July 2009

Appendix 2
Claire Price Beauty Clinic

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Claire Price Beauty Clinic is committed to the delivery of high quality services and products to its clients. It is expected that staff will aim to provide the best possible service to clients. However, it is acknowledged that on occasions clients may not be entirely satisfied with their experience at Claire Price Beauty Clinic. Claire Price Beauty Clinic therefore welcomes the comments that clients may have in this respect.


Where a client feels aggrieved and wishes to make their complaint known, staff should inform the individual of the process for making a complaint. When a compliant is made staff should be courteous in acknowledging this and respect that the client may have legitimate grounds for their grievance.

Wherever possible and always with the express agreement of the client, staff should be encouraged and empowered to resolve complaints at a local level without recourse to escalating the complaints procedure. These complaints are to be referred to as informal complaints.

Should staff and clients be unable to resolve complaints at a local level, clients can elect to take their complaint further. Staff should inform clients they can make a formal complaint to Claire Price and this may be communicated either verbally and/or in writing. These complaints are to be referred to as formal complaints. When Claire Price is unavailable to receive the complaint verbally, clients will be offered the following two options:

1. Claire Price to contact them by telephone at the next available convenience to discuss the complaint, or

2. Request that the client details the complaint in writing. All complaints made in writing should be addressed to Claire Price.

Where a formal complaint is made (either verbally and/or in writing); the complaint will be acknowledged within 2 working days of the complaint being received (unless a full reply can be sent within 5 working days). The complainant will be informed that their complaint will be investigated and that wherever practicable they will receive written notification of the outcome within 20 working days of receipt of the complaint. Where the investigation may be prolonged, the complainant will be kept informed of the anticipated completion date and a full response made within 5 working days of a conclusion being reached.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment Only

In the case of IPL treatments only, the complainant should be advised that they may at any stage elect to refer their complaint to the Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales whereupon they will be advised of their complaints’ procedure. All IPL complaints will be documented and copies held with the client’s individual record and the complaints’ master file.

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales
Welsh Government
Rhydycar Business Park
Merthyr Tydfil
CF48 1UZ
Tel: 0300 062 8163

Record Keeping

Records will be kept of all complaints made (both formal and informal), their subsequent investigation, outcome and any remedial action required as a result (using the pro forma attached as appendix 1). The management action required as a result of any investigation will be monitored and reviewed to ensure the investigation’s recommendations are being implemented effectively.

Complaints Recording Proforma

Date & Time of Complaint:
Name & Address of Complainant(s):
Description of Complaint:
Formal or Informal:
If Formal - Date Acknowledged:
If Formal - Date Investigation Completed: